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It´s easy to use this e-mail Box Just follow the steps! Fill the 1st field with your Name , 2nd field with your e-mail and the Last Field with your message. To Confirm Click in the Left Button.Thanks Name: Kim JaeJoong Stage Name: Hero, YoungWoong JaeJoong , Jejung Birth Name: Han Jae Joong Religion: Christian Job: Lead Vocal, Middle High Birthday: January 26, 1986 Birthplace: Choong Nam Education: Senior (Last Year of High School) Height: 182m Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: O Hobbies: Games and listening to music Special Ability: Singing Awards: 2nd Annual SM Best Competition Best Appearance 1st Place K-group: TVXQ Talent Agency: SM Entertainment Real Name: Kim Junsu Stage Names: Xiah, Xiah Junsu, Junsoo Birthdate: December 15, 1986 (registered January 1, 1987) Birthplace: Gyeonggi, South Korea Height: 183 m Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: B K-pop Group: Dong Bang Shin Gi Position: Vocals - Middle high Talent Agency: SM Entertainment Religion: Christian Hobbies: Piano, Soccer Name: Park Yoochun Stage Name: Micky Yoochun Birthday: 4 June 1986 Height: 184m Weight: 64kg Blood Type: O Family: Mom, Dad, & Younger Brother(Yuhwan) Hobbies: Composing, playing piano, basketball Education: Kyunghee University Vocal Position: Mid-Low Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing music Awards: 2001 American Singing Competition (Virginia) Best Artist of the Competition 2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition Special Award Stage Name: U-KNOW | U-know Yunho Real Name: Jung YunHo Height: 186m Weight: 61kg Birthdate: February 6, 1986 Star sign: Aquarius Birthplace: Gwangju Band: TVXQ | DBSK | DBSG | Tohoshinki Position: Baritone, Leader, Lead dancer Hobbies: Music, reading, playing sports, composing music Specialty: Dancing Religion: Christian Blood type: A Family: Father, mother and younger sister Talent agency: SM Entertainment Stage Name:Max Changmin - Real Name:Shim Changmin Job: High Vocals Age: 21 Birthday: February 18, 1988 Birthplace: Seoul Education: 2nd year of College Height: 190m Weight: 61 kg Blood Type: B Hobbies: Games, singing, and listening to music Special Ability: Singing and dancing Awards: 6th Annual SM Best Competition Best Singing 1st Place Best Artist of the Competition TVXQ an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi , is a quintet South Korean boy band formed under SM Entertainment in 2003, and later introduced to Japan under Avex Trax in 2005. Since their debut, TVXQ has become one of the most popular singing groups in East Asia, gaining great popularity in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and other East Asian countries. TVXQ is referred to as Dong Bang Shin Ki (????) in South Korea; fans often abbreviate the name to DBSK. The Japanese equivalent of the group's name is Tohoshinki (????), which is promotionally only used in Japan. TVXQ, the acronym based on the Chinese counterpart of their name, is the abbreviation officially used on all products and advertisements outside of Japan. TVfXQ is also used, but not often. Their name roughly translates as "Rising gods of the East." (??? ?? ????)

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[TRANS] 101201 Yunho Behind the Scenes?

I know someone who was a member of staff on the set of 'Heading to the Ground' and from him I came to know Yunho's side of the story (it's been a while now&hellip or I guess I got to know him a little better...
Since I'm a Yunho cosplayer, I didn't really want to ask too many questions (not sure what she meant here). Also, this man wasn't a fan of Yunho and Changmin so he didn't really know the details.

1. Yunho was very tight-lipped
His schedule was very hectic because of the drama and so he didn't know or say much about the members' lawsuit.
This man heard about it elsewhere and casually asked Yunho what was going on and if he was okay.
Yunho smiled and replied 'things will get better'… he didn't say much after that.
The man realized he didnt' want to talk about it so he stopped asking.
From beginning to end, Yunho never uttered a word about the lawsuit (and even though people were curious, no one dared to ask)

2. He was in pain
He (the man) didn't know what it was but it was obvious to everyone else that Yunho was sick, both physically and mentally
He was stressed from filming the drama and he was in pain
Everybody could see it but he refused to admit or even say a word about it
He'd go into his van alone so that people wouldn't see him suffering but the whole world knew
As soon as the director signaled everybody to get into position, he'd step out of the van with a smile plastered on his face like everything was okay
He was always so afraid that other people would worry about him

3. Changmin's silence
Changmin went to visit once or twice but he was always extremely quiet
One time a friend came by and asked 'who's he?' when he saw a boy sitting alone on set
It wasn't until other people said 'TVXQ's Max Changmin' that she finally recognized him
He was so much more beautiful than one would imagine but his appearance was nowhere near as startling as his behaviour… he didn't act like a celebrity at all
He was quiet and distant
He'd arrive, watch and leave soundlessly every time
It made people wonder how he could possibly be a celebrity with an attitude like that...

4. Yunho's sincere gratitude
Yunho's fans offered comfort and relief to everybody
They were willing to act as the audience whenever they were needed (during scenes when they had football matches) and they'd bring food for the crew
They were Yunho's source of energy and motivation
So often the members of staff would say 'Thank God for your fans'
The pride and gratitude in his voice was always obvious whenever his fans became the topic of discussion

5. Yunho won everybody over
Yunho worked extremely hard on the drama and everybody was impressed by his personality
Those who worked with him invited him for future projects together and they really weren't just saying it - they really did like him
When he held the MJ concert, the director of 'Heading to the Ground' went and watched

6. Yunho's weakness...
Our leader-sshi has a fear of bottled drinks...
Most of you will remember the poisoning incident…
Yunho tries to stay away from opened bottles or drinks poured into cups unless he unscrewed the bottle/poured the drink himself
He may look strong but sometimes that's really not the case...

Well that's basically everything I heard. This person didn't go into much detail and it's really not anything that we don't already know…
I've already said before that I'm just a cosplayer and I don't really know this person very well
I really just wanted to share what I heard about Yunho
1.12.10 14:55

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