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It´s easy to use this e-mail Box Just follow the steps! Fill the 1st field with your Name , 2nd field with your e-mail and the Last Field with your message. To Confirm Click in the Left Button.Thanks Name: Kim JaeJoong Stage Name: Hero, YoungWoong JaeJoong , Jejung Birth Name: Han Jae Joong Religion: Christian Job: Lead Vocal, Middle High Birthday: January 26, 1986 Birthplace: Choong Nam Education: Senior (Last Year of High School) Height: 182m Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: O Hobbies: Games and listening to music Special Ability: Singing Awards: 2nd Annual SM Best Competition Best Appearance 1st Place K-group: TVXQ Talent Agency: SM Entertainment Real Name: Kim Junsu Stage Names: Xiah, Xiah Junsu, Junsoo Birthdate: December 15, 1986 (registered January 1, 1987) Birthplace: Gyeonggi, South Korea Height: 183 m Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: B K-pop Group: Dong Bang Shin Gi Position: Vocals - Middle high Talent Agency: SM Entertainment Religion: Christian Hobbies: Piano, Soccer Name: Park Yoochun Stage Name: Micky Yoochun Birthday: 4 June 1986 Height: 184m Weight: 64kg Blood Type: O Family: Mom, Dad, & Younger Brother(Yuhwan) Hobbies: Composing, playing piano, basketball Education: Kyunghee University Vocal Position: Mid-Low Special Ability: Singing, writing lyrics and composing music Awards: 2001 American Singing Competition (Virginia) Best Artist of the Competition 2003 KBN Teens Singing Competition Special Award Stage Name: U-KNOW | U-know Yunho Real Name: Jung YunHo Height: 186m Weight: 61kg Birthdate: February 6, 1986 Star sign: Aquarius Birthplace: Gwangju Band: TVXQ | DBSK | DBSG | Tohoshinki Position: Baritone, Leader, Lead dancer Hobbies: Music, reading, playing sports, composing music Specialty: Dancing Religion: Christian Blood type: A Family: Father, mother and younger sister Talent agency: SM Entertainment Stage Name:Max Changmin - Real Name:Shim Changmin Job: High Vocals Age: 21 Birthday: February 18, 1988 Birthplace: Seoul Education: 2nd year of College Height: 190m Weight: 61 kg Blood Type: B Hobbies: Games, singing, and listening to music Special Ability: Singing and dancing Awards: 6th Annual SM Best Competition Best Singing 1st Place Best Artist of the Competition TVXQ an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi , is a quintet South Korean boy band formed under SM Entertainment in 2003, and later introduced to Japan under Avex Trax in 2005. Since their debut, TVXQ has become one of the most popular singing groups in East Asia, gaining great popularity in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and other East Asian countries. TVXQ is referred to as Dong Bang Shin Ki (????) in South Korea; fans often abbreviate the name to DBSK. The Japanese equivalent of the group's name is Tohoshinki (????), which is promotionally only used in Japan. TVXQ, the acronym based on the Chinese counterpart of their name, is the abbreviation officially used on all products and advertisements outside of Japan. TVfXQ is also used, but not often. Their name roughly translates as "Rising gods of the East." (??? ?? ????)

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[PHOTO] JYJ at MTV K's Secret Show

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu performed two acoustic songs, “Empty,” and “Be My Girl,” and answered MTV K’s questions along with a few questions from the fans during the secret show. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going to be headed your way!
Yoochun smiles right into your “Empty” heart. ㅋㅋㅋ Who wants a wallpaper of this shot?

Yoochun became the designated song introducer but he had to do six takes. What can you do but laugh?
Junsu was the mood-maker! His answers to questions we asked were just hilarious. Even the cameramen couldn’t resist him.

Jaejoong’s photogenic to the extent that all of his photos came out beautifully!
Jaejoong: “LOL”
Yoochun: “….what”
Fun fact: A fan yelled “Yunjae” and Jaejoong smiled extremely wide.

Photos of the performances, more behind-the-scenes footage and video will be out soon. Hopefully, their smiling faces will tide everyone over until then!

14.11.10 13:27

[INFO] JYJ Message to Fans


How I love these boys~

11.11.10 20:48

[TRANS] If one can travel back in time


An author posted a creative question in a blog regarding to the messages for DBSK if she can travel back to 2005. Here is the question:

I am time traveling back to 2005. Anyone needs my help to pass your messages to DBSK?

Below are some of the replies from readers:

Please tell them,
even though they are struggling now in Japan, please hold on, because they are going to make it some day...

Tell them to take good care of themselves
and to drive safely
Rest more and don't be worn out, because there are lots of people who concern about them.

Can I go with you?
If can't, please help me to tell them the recent lottery result
and ask them to buy lottery
Cause there will be no more suffering if they have enough money

Please tell Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin that all their dreams are coming true...
Please tell them, there is nothing more precious than the moment when five of them being together
Tell them that you are from the future, explain the current situation to them, and then ask them whether they are still willing to choose that path...
And if they do... please tell them, we will always love them no matter what.
The only thing I regret the most is that I didn't accompany them through out year 2004 & 2005...

Please tell Shim Changmin, to avoid crowded areas in the airport on 2nd of September.
Please tell Jung Yunho, never takes the drinks from a stranger on 12.10.2006, and be careful not to sprain his leg
Please tell Kim Jaejoong to drive safely, and regardless of his name is Han Jaejoong or Kim Jaejoong, people who love him will always stand by him.
Please tell Park Yoochun that it's alright to cry in MKMF, but please remember to hold his hands when you are telling him this. And, if he really likes someone, he can go after her.
Please tell Kim Junsu to take care of his health at the end of year 2006, and be careful not to injure his leg during rehearsal in 2009 because my heart aches seeing him on a wheelchair. Tell him that even when he is old and not popular anymore, there will always be a group of people who crave to listen to his songs, watch him cracking oyaji gag, and admiring his smiles.
Please tell Dong Bang Shin Ki, that they are going to be successful in Japan, they are going to make it to Budokan and Kohaku Uta Gassen Music Festival.
If any heartbreaking thing ever happens, just hold on to their dreams......

If the day, just like the one in 2009, ever arrives, you don’t need to become matured over night, because you still have us.
You are the present to us from God, you won't be alone.
If that day really comes, please tell them not to be afraid, and continue walking down the path that they have chosen.

Please tell them that it's alright to have mistakes in dance moves, and have voice cracked when belting the high notes....
The most important thing is their health.

Please help me to tell Yunho never ever takes that drinks in 2006... and don't forget his meal
Tell Jaejoong not to over practicing his dance till end up with bone fracture
Tell Yoochun to treat his asthma as soon as possible
Tell Junsu not to force himself to sing if he is not feeling well
Tell Changmin that we are proud of him, and never says things like 'it is better without me' again

Help me tell Dong Bang Shin Ki
not to push themselves too hard when practicing
because of their desire to present a perfect stage for us, cassiopeias
We only want to see all of them in the pink of health.

And... the last but not least,
please remember to tell them that,
5 years from now,
there will be a group of people who are waiting for five of them to come home one day...

11.11.10 20:48

[TRANS] 101108 JYJ JaeJoong Tattoos Memories of DBSK on Flesh


Dong Bang Shin Ki’s trio, JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu, have formed their new unit JYJ after leaving ex-agency SMEntertainment, keeping minimal contact with the two members Yunho and Changmin who stayed behind. JYJ was reluctant to discuss about their past in Dong Bang Shin Ki as JaeJoong said, “Can we talk about this year? This year has been great.”
In actual fact, he has a tattoo of “TVfXQ SOUL (DBSK soul)” on his back, and it is nearly impossible for him to rid of the shadow of DBSK.

Last night, the trio held their first showcase in Taiwan under the name “JYJ” in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre, attracting more than 5000 people. After going through the legal dispute due to the termination of their contracts, the trio now has stronger friendship with each other. Before the interview yesterday, JaeJoong revealed a new tattoo saying “MICKY JUNSU” on his lower back. Yoochun also tattooed JaeJoong and Junsu’s name on his chest, but both did not include names of Yunho and Changmin.

JaeJoong and Yoochun’s Soul Mate Tattoo
After the trio filed for the lawsuit to terminate their contract, the group “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, which the members debuted under 7 years ago, ceased. When asked about the happiest and saddest event that happened since debut, JaeJoong paused and asked, “Can we talk about this year?” Apparent that he does not want to bring up the past, he casually commented that the happiest moment was when they first received their new album.
Yoochun and JaeJoong, who both likes tattooing, tattooed the name “TVfXQ” on their backs. Afterwards, both added on “Soul” and “Mate”, which makes up “TVfXQ Soul Mate”. It seems like it is extremely difficult for them to forget their past.
Yesterday, before they left Taiwan in afternoon, 600 fans, who were at the airport to send them off, shouted, “Don’t go!” the moment they saw the trio.

4 JYJ’s ‘Most’ List, 2 of which is JaeJoong.

One who has most tattos: A total of 9/JaeJoong
One who can drink (alcohol) the least: Get drunk easily, have mostly never paid the bill before/Junsu
One who is the laziest in bed: The latest to wake up, tend to have morning temper/ Yoochun
One who has the sharpest tongue: even he admits to it/JaeJoong

8.11.10 23:36

[NEWS] BIGLOBE Ranks Japanese Twitter Trends For October

Every month, BIGLOBE reveals the top twitter trends in Japan. Guess who was the #1 most talked about celebrity?

You betcha! Our very own Jaejoong. Junsu and Yoochun also took the eighth and ninth spots respectively, with DBSK bringing up the rear at #13.

With the hubbub JYJ caused when they joined twitter, I'm not too surprised, are you? :P

Read the complete article:

Every month, BIGLOBE reveals the top twitter trends.

In October, Japan had a total of 329 million tweets as opposed to 300.6 million tweets in September; it’s a 9% increase.
Since new programs started, words like “IKA Musume” and “Drama” appeared and “Curry” even came in at #8. “RIAJuu” [Slang for “real life” – twitter, blogs, etc] came in at #24 and “Christmas” made its first appearance at #28. People are starting to get into the Christmas season. Popular people also appeared like the group “DBSK” and their members’ names (Jejung, Junsu, Yuchun) and SNSD appeared too. Korean talents appeared 5 times. Also on October 30th when Nozawa Nachi passed away, an explosion of people sent their condolences through twitter.

1. October’s Hot Topic Ranking

[Word Ranking] – [Previous Month]
1. Train – Up 2 spots
2. Earthquake – Down 1 spot
3. Tsuippurukuji – Up 31 spots [Note: This is the BIGLOBE Twitter Application]
4. Precure - Up 5 spots [Note: Animation Pretty Cure]
5. Japan – Wasn’t Ranked
6. Class – Wasn’t ranked
7. iPad – Up 17 spots
8. Curry – Up 22 spots
9. IKA Musume – New [Note: An anime]
10. Drama – New

[Hashtag Ranking] – [Previous Month]
1. #4ji (Automatic Twitter Application “I see, it’s 4 o’clock&rdquo – Same Spot
2. #mobaboo (SANYO “Eneloop” campaign) – Up 7 spots
3. #ikamusume (TV Tokyo anime “Shinryaku! IKA Musume) – New
4. #precure (Asahi anime “Heart Catch Precure!) – Up 5 spots
5. #ohayo (Ohayo~ Club) – Down 4 spots
6. #sutadora (TBS anime “STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no TAKUTO&rdquo – New
7. #twipple_kuji (Tsuippurukuji Campaign) – Up 17 spots
8. #oreimo (Tokyo MX anime “Ore no Imoto ga Konna Kawaii Wake ga Nai&rdquo – New
9. #agqr (Culture Digital Radio Program “Chou A&G&rdquo – Down 6
10. #nitiasa (Super Hero Time, Sunday morning anime) – New

[Famous People Ranking]
1. Jejung
2. Spitz
5. AKB48
6. Perfume
8. Junsu
9. Yuchun
11. Utada Hikaru
12. Nozawa Nachi
13. DBSK
14. Hirano Aya
15. Mr. Children
16. Sakanaction
17. The Beatles
18. B’z
19. Aragaki Yui
20. Tani Ryoko

Totalization Period: October 1, 2010 4am~ November 1, 2010 4am
Number of Tweets: 329,023,747
Average tweets per day: 10,613,669
Day with most tweets: October 10th – 11,166,300
Popular day and time of the week – Tuesday 10pm – 885,725 tweets
Most popular day: Saturday – 10,859,690 tweets
Most popular time: 10pm - 843,719 tweets
Where people are tweeting from: PC (29.8%), Cellphone (28.6%), PC/Cellphone (16.6%) Smartphone (12.4%), API (BOT)(5.5%), Link service (3%)

8.11.10 23:34

[PHOTOS] 101108 JYJ - Twitter Update



Junsu and his cats:

8.11.10 15:52

[SPAZZ] 110610 A TVXQ Car?!

I kinda... want that car for my special entertainment...

7.11.10 00:17

[TRANS] 101105 'Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida'

'1, 2, 3 - Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida'
Remember them saying those words?
Feels like it's been a long time since we last heard them...

Cassiopeia, do you remember?

Remember when Junsu said 'If any member leaves, I'll leave as well.'

Or when Changmin said 'If anybody leaves Dong Bang Shin Ki, I'll go back to being a high school student.'

The same year, he also said 'I realize that we're the knights of the darkness and that is why I would never regret this - because I fought for my dream. Of course, Dong Bang Shin Ki would be incomplete if any of the five of us were missing. It is only when the five of us are standing in our respective places, when we're working together as one, that we'll be able to achieve the same things. I want to give people that kind of feeling, so from now on - as we always say - everything will stay the same. I'll never change and I'll always be the same person I was back then - the boy who strived to pursue his dream.'

Yunho, you told us 'Meeting my four members was the most significant event of my life, and whenever I think of the word 'promise', the four of them will immediately come to mind.'
and 'Time passes us by, but I'll never forget that he was once part of my life.'

Jaejoong said 'Cassiopeia, please stay with us forever. In twenty years' time, bring your children to come and support us. Promise!'
and 'Wait for us. If ever there's a change in heart, then you die!'

'I have placed my life, trust and love in the name of music. Dong Bang Shin Ki breathes the same way all of you do, albeit in different places. Thank you all' Ah.. Yoochun

Do you all remember saying these things to us? Do you remember how touched and grateful you were to be able to live with these boys you called your brothers and your family? Do you remember the way it made you feel complete knowing that there were so many people supporting you?

Yunho, we don't blame you.
You're the leader, it's a burdensome title.
We remember when you said 'Be it the present or the future, or even 10 years from now, the five of us will continue to sing for you as Dong Bang Shin Ki. That is the only road in front of us and it's the road we'll continue our way down until the day that we die.'
We believed you when you said 'I'll never let anybody separate Dong Bang Shin Ki'

Jaejoong, we don't blame you.
When we heard what you said on MAMA, we could feel your emotion.
How could you possibly have smiled in the absence of Yunho and Changmin?
No matter how hard you try, you can't hide those feelings from us.

Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin, we don't blame you either.
We saw the way you persisted. Seeing you now, so worn out and exhausted, we only have ourselves to blame for not having taken better care of you, for not being able to make things better for you.

We understand your pain because you're Dong Bang Shin Ki and we're Cassiopeia.
We'll keep waiting, no matter what.
We'll stand by you until we hear those words from you again - '1, 2, 3 - Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida'
5.11.10 18:56

3.11.10 19:03

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